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Prebiotics & Probiotics: What’s all the Hype About?

By Darieli Sanchez, Dietetic Intern The human body is filled with good and bad bacteria, and while that might sound alarming, the good bacteria work hard to keep us healthy. Most bacteria in the body live in the colon6, where they help break down food, absorb vitamins, protect against harmful bacteria, and more. By consuming…

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Weight Loss: Why is it so damn hard?

You know it’s funny. People often ask me what my favorite type of client to work with is. I usually say something like digestive disorders or food sensitivities. You know why? Because there is generally a methodical way to go about figuring out the root problem and coming up with a well defined plan to…

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The Comfort of a Fall Routine

I don’t know about you, but I’m in total denial that it’s Fall. Every year about this time I refuse to admit the leaves are changing color and a coolness exists in the morning air. I want summer to last forever (it’s a short season in Seattle, we savor every minute!). But that being said,…

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Can Diet Calm an Anxious Mind?

Anxiety. It’s a common ailment. When my clients list their medical history, anxiety is often on the list. It seems to be more prevalent than ever. Maybe we are now recognizing and diagnosing it more often, but it is not uncommon for a person of any age, even children, to report various levels of anxiety.…

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How to keep your (diet) sanity during the holidays!

Yep, it’s here, Christmas season! While this is a joyous occasion for most, are you one of those dreading the stream of Christmas parties, office treats, and edible gifts? The amount of sugar can seem endless. Even for the most motivated it can be incredibly difficult to resist overindulging, if not for lack of willpower…

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