Here we go….

So here it is. I’m finally starting a blog. I’ve thought about this for a long time but there has always been a reason why I didn’t have the time or didn’t have anything to write about. I heard the founder of speak the other day and it was just the kick I needed to get me started. His advice was just to do it and stop overanalyzing it. So that is what I am going to do. I’m just going to write what comes to mind, what interests me, what I am thinking today, etc, and try my best not to over-think it. Sometimes too much thinking results in great thoughts but no action (ie polititians). We do that with our diets too, but more on that another day.

As I write this I am in Boston and on way home from FNCE (Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo). It’s the annual conference for the American Dietetic Association. This is my second time attending and it was fascinating once again. I learned a lot and came away with some great messages and ideas that I am excited to share with my clients. A few highlights come to mind: great research on the truth behind fats and heart disease (you’d be surprised!), new insights into gluten sensitivity and celiac disease, and a riveting presentation by the legendary Anthony Bourdain to wrap up the conference.

Well my flight is about to board so I had better sign off. I’m excited to share more about what I learned and other nutrition tidbits as they come to mind. Stay tuned!

Danielle VenHuizen

Registered Dietitian, Certified LEAP Therapist