More on genetically modified foods and big brother Monsanto

If you want to read more about the downright evil … I mean, problems … with Monsanto and genetically modified foods, check out this link and related video. Intriguing discussion with a plant scientist and professor at Purdue University. Definitely new info to me about the potentially devastating effects to livestock and essentially our entire food supply.

Of particular interest to me was the part about glyphosate reducing manganese in the soil, thereby resulting in insufficient manganese in GM animal feed. Manganese is a critical mineral for animals (and humans as well) and deficiency in animals is linked to stillbirth, miscarriage, impaired growth, and poor bone health. Luckily we humans have a more varied diet and can obtain minute amounts of manganese from many different plant-based sources, but this soil depletion is of real concern because it may start to affect more and more of our food sources. This is scary stuff.

Here is another interesting article I ran across discussing the potential dangers of GMOs (and this is just one of hundreds of course). Interesting the part that talks about Monsanto doing their own studies and declaring GMO corn as safe after a 90-day study. It’s kinda like saying a high sugar diet doesn’t cause diabetes if you don’t get it within 90 days. Great research guys. How about a 5 or 10 year study at the very least? I’m thinking that’s not likely. Might derail their plans for world domination.

I should probably get back to some real work, but this kind of stuff always gets me riled up. Your thoughts?

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