Please Pardon My Absence…

Oh I did it. And I swore I wouldn’t. I became one of those bloggers I despise. One of those ambitious bloggers with sincere enthusiasm and a firm goal to be a regular contributor to the blogosphere, only to let themselves down,  and any precious readers should there actually be any, by failing to post in what seems like eons.  There is nothing I hate more (well, ok, there is, but I won’t go into that now) than bloggers who start out strong and then go months upon months with no new post. Being my impatient self I usually think well screw that, I’m not waiting around for Miss Mary Cooksalot or whoever it might be to finally remember I’m waiting for her words of wisdom, amusement, or impartment of skill. No, I move on and usually randomly come upon another blog of interest to read religiousy until they eventually fade away into the yonder, probably finding much more useful pursuits for their precious time.  Which speaks to the fact that we all get busy and once in awhile actually try to engage in live human interaction, so I’m trying to be ok with this. But I just thought this admission of guilt needed to be said. Otherwise it would just seem kind of awkward, like, “Hey, here I am, been here all along, just blogging as usual, and, you know, spent a few weeks in a kale-induced coma. Just the normal stuff. “ Lies. All lies.
So hey, I’m back blogging. I think. You know what got me off track? I tried to do some complicated piece that actually involved me doing research or some crap like that and I got all sidetracked and somewhat nervous. What if I didn’t do it right? I’m such a perfectionist that it just wasn’t coming together in a timely fashion. Add a 2-year old into the mix and you’d be lucky if you saw this post by Christmas. So I’m going back to my roots as they say. Blogging what comes into my head, and leaving it at that.
With that being said, my week was exciting because I walked my first patient through the blood-draw process to do the Mediator Release Test (MRT).  See previous blog posts if you want info on what that actually is. I got my own blood drawn as well because there are hints I might have a few food sensitivities myself. That’s when the thought entered my head that I should blog about this. I have nothing to hide. Why not share my symptoms, my results, and my progress as I walk through this and see what happens. At the very least I’m just being able to understand what my patients have to go through, and at best I’m solving a small array of annoying issues AND giving you proof that this program works. 
Results are due any day, so stay tuned!  

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