Nutrition Resources

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Favorite Cookbooks and Diet Guides

A fantastic set of recipes and meal plans to get your started on anti-inflammatory eating. I recommend this one to clients almost daily.


This is a comprehensive, whole-foods based guide to eating healthy on a diabetic diet. Lots of great meal and snack suggestions and guides on keeping carbs within your target. Also includes meal plans.


An essential resource if you are getting started with the Mediterranean Diet. America's Test kitchen always makes recipes approachable and delicious!


I love this diet resource for pregnancy. It covers ALL the topics you are curious about. It will be your go-to guide. While not flashy with any pictures or glossy graphics, it is absolutely packed with well-researched information in an organized format.


Makes a great accompaniment to the above book if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Includes specific meal and snack suggestions along with recipes.


One of my go-to's for healthy instant pot cooking. Love that the focus isn't on grains so you get more vegetables and protein in these recipes.


A well-loved book on my own shelf for years. This book is helpful in raising young, healthy eaters and making making meals work for the entire family.


I am all about making things easy, and this book does it. If you feeling overwhelmed about making your meals more plant-focused, check out this title.


Other Titles I Recommend:


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