Spring is here … time to shop seasonal

Spring has finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier. That winter lasted way too long if you ask me. The sun has just started to make an appearance in Seattle and all the happy little urban gardeners are finally coming out of their domestic caves. I am not one of them … yet. I have grandiose plans for a great garden this year, bursting with broccoli, green beans, and carrots, but my list of to-dos has not yet allowed me to venture out to the dirt. But let it be known that I plan to do so soon. While I wait for my veggies to be planted and sprouted, I get especially excited that the Farmers Markets are starting to bloom, so to speak. An abundance of new produce is hitting the outdoor shelves which means more variety is in store.

A question I often get asked it how to know what it is in season so as to ensure one is getting the freshest produce possible. I often check into that myself. Not that produce from Mexico or Florida is inherently bad, but I love to support local farms and producers whenever possible. Instead of re-creating the wheel, I thought I would point you to a few handy online resources that one can use to check if their basket of edibles is seasonal or not. Give these a try:


Hope that helps! Happy Spring!

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